WIRE DUSSELDORF 2012 –Germany. March 26-30th, 2012.

    Exhibiter: TJK Machinery Co.,ltd.
    Contact Person: Leo Sun, Bessy Wang.
    Booth No.: 11G26.

    Wire Dusseldorf 2012 is the renowned trade fair which is dedicated to wire tools and technologies in Dusseldorf. It will intend to assemble top manufacturers, distributors, traders and experts involved in wire manufacturing from across the globe. The event will demonstrate the most recent products, technologies and machineries in for the production and processing of wires.?
    It will bestow opportunities to network with leading professionals to share their skills and knowledge. The eminent exhibitors will exhibit ground-breaking products including wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, process technology tools, auxiliary process technology materials, measuring and control technology. The event will provide platform for networking and explore practical information and key solutions from the industry experts.
    Visitors' Profile
    Targeted visitors at Wire Dusseldorf 2012 are: engineers, technicians, buyers, production managers, distributors, manufacturers, electrical installations service providers and R & D professionals.
    Exhibitors' Profile
    Targeted exhibitors at Wire Dusseldorf 2012 are manufacturers dealing in: wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, welding and electrode manufacturing machinery, spare parts for wire and cable machines, process technology tools for casting, rolling, and cable manufacturing, lubricants, auxiliary hardening materials, grinding and lapping materials, auxiliary welding materials, raw iron and steel based products, yarns for cables/wire rope, torsion control equipment, tension measuring equipment, process monitoring systems and laser measuring equipment.

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