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    Двойной изгиб машина (изгиб в центре)


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    Двойной изгиб машина (изгиб в центре)


    ●  The Robot Series of double bending lines are fully automatic systems that can be controlled by a single operator.
    ●  Bars to be bent can be pre-cut and placed on the loading table or can be automatically transferred from a shear line.
    ●  One stationary and one moveable bending table are automatically positioned and bend angles set from the part program.
    ●  The PLC control provides a production cycle of as many as 16 bends with the program stored for future use.

    Оперативные ОСОБЕННОСТИ

    ●  The robotic double bending system consists of a transfer bench; two lifting levers; twin bending units and control system.
    ●  The transfer bench contains a number of powered rollers.
    ●  The lifting levers pneumatically position the bars above the bending units and transfer the bars to be bent which can be one or more based on the size of bar and production requirements.
    ●  The PLC control housed in a rugged steel console permits the operator to program all of the system functions from a single position. Bending length is automatically set via servo motor. Bending speed and bending angle are set by the part program.

    Двойной изгиб машина (изгиб в центре)