TJK SUPPORT

            We have a motivated team of over 40 employees to offer comprehensive support and assistance for our customers all over the world. Highly qualified technicians are responsible for the customers both during the installation and commissioning period of our equipment, and during its entire service life.
            The warranty Spare parts are available, and can be purchased, for all equipment supplied by TJK. A storehouse of 5000 square meters and good logistic management can ensure enough spare parts in stock and meet the requirements of our customers as soon as possible.
            Please always state the reference number of the relevant equipment when making an inquiry. Our experienced engineers will reply and give advice for your inquiry within 24 hours by phone or mail.


            TJK offers comprehensive training programmes to ensure optimum operation and maintenance of our equipment.
            Our technicians will make service visits to the customers’ plants and train the workers how to control the machine and understand its application of the softwares. The training courses would usually last for one or two weeks according to the complexity of machines.

             After Sales-Australia

            After Sales



             Training-South Africa


            Spare Parts Warehouse

            TEL: 86-10-84938049    Fax:86-10-84928449   E-mail: sales@chinatjk.com info@chinatjk.com
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